New Civil Code

Do you have trouble understanding the new Civil Code? We don´t.

The new Civil Code is an extensive and complicated code which changes the valid, established statutes in many ways. Some of the changes are indeed welcome, while others rather add complications to everyday life, in our opinion. Nonetheless, we have an overview of all the positive and  troublesome effects.

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee how the new rules will be construed and applied by the Czech judiciary; however, we are prepared to provide you with thorough, professional and prompt advice, analyses, comprehensive legal advisory in implementing all legislative changes, modifications and reviews of your contractual documents, legal opinions and staff training. We will address allthe risks as well as the new opportunities.

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  • Czech Television
  • Tereos TTD
  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
  • Czech Insurance Association
  • ČSOB
  • Czech Trade Inspection Authority
  • Kovo labour union

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