We could have written here about our lawyers’ first-rate legal services, expertise, flexibility and experience.

Of course we’ve got all that; but you can read about it anywhere.

We don’t like clichés and hyperbole.

Our clients give us their trust and in return expect something that they won’t get anywhere else:  original, well-founded analysis coupled with informal, fast and practical advice.

With us you won’t chew through several pages of “disclaimers”, descriptions of what the client said and lists of everything that the attorney has read. We go straight to the point. We don’t tell you what you already know. We give intelligent advice to intelligent clients and we know that you value clear and useful legal assistance.

More than 67 billion crowns worth of disputes. More than one billion crowns in transactions. The most important competition law cases. Our results speak for themselves.

Vrána & partners. Straight to the point.

Vrána & partners

advokatní kancelář s.r.o.

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Malá Strana, 118 00 Prague
telephone:+420 221 595 330
email: ak@vrana-partners.cz